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Subject: About Deuda song
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rameshti 24.02.10 - 06:07pm
Deuda is the main song of western Nepal. They pepule are west Nepal sing this song and they dannce with this song as *

rameshti 24.02.10 - 06:13pm
They pepule of west Nepal dance with deuda git(song) as-Jhoda, kila, dhamari etc. at fest and festivals of west Nepal *

rameshti 24.02.10 - 06:22pm
They yong pipul are there make a deuda khel(danc) with deuda song meny boys and girl are join together and ques-ans ech *

rameshti 24.02.10 - 06:33pm
Pelease write here about deuda song.tel me about my group visit my other site-http://ne.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Ramesti *

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